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Selasa, 11 Juni 2013

Caffeine is so addictive.

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I once tried to go to Starbucks. I don't interested at coffee before so I have no idea of what to order. But then I decided to choose Frappucino; my friend said it's the delicious one. Well, okay. First time I tasted it, it was so surprising. Sooooo delicious. I just realized that coffee has a very cool taste. After that time I always go back to Starbucks when I have a lil bit much money, hehehe. Yeah you know it isn't cheap, right? So, I have to save my money some to buy Frappucino on the other day.

And also after that time, I started of being addicted to coffee. I usually consume Good Day because I love its taste so much. I like Mochaccino flavour most. Although my mom said, "You're still young. Don't consume caffeine too much, it's not good  for your health" when she knows I drink coffee much more these days. But yeah, coffee contains a very addictive substance called caffeine. And it's hard to stop when you're already fell in its addiction.

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