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Selasa, 11 Juni 2013

Pictures of Austria; from Bettina.

As you know people, I really love to make friends with anyone. It will be great if we not only make friends with people on a place where we live, but also friends from many countries in the world. Yeah, nowadays I love penpal-ing. It's good to have friends from all over the world. We can share anything. Culture, cuisines, education, hobbies, and many more. We also can share our story or secrets to that one penpal we trust. Ah, and it will broad our mind and knowledge about foreign country. Don't worry, they are so friendly anyway. ;)

I have that one friend from Austria. She is Bettina Schwaighofer. She is a very friendly person and never forget to mail me. Fyi, I want to know more about Austria and I think it has no senses if I just searching it at Google. I want to hear directly from people who lived there, and finally I met Bettina.

"I live in a pretty small village in the countryside, about 20 kilometres to the next small city and 45 kilometres to Salzburg, which is one of the most famous places in Austria. I've never been outside Europe, so I don't really know what's different that far away. Is there something special you'd like to know? Austria is pretty hilly, mountainous and green. So I guess the landscape is quite nice. It's a pretty small country ;)
I enclosed some photos of the place where I live and one I took on a hiking-tour some days ago. I don't have a picture of one of the cities at the moment, as soon as I have one I'll show it to you :)"

That was a lil bit email from Bettina. She also sent me some photos of the village where she lives. And the photos make me surely wanna go to Austria. Someday, I will.

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