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Minggu, 02 Desember 2012

Need you by my side, bestie..

Hey bloggie, I wanna post something. It will be so contrast with my previous post which expressed a happiness. This one may contain....sadness maybe. Ummm, but I think it's just simple thing but not simple at all,'s closer to a gloomy feeling. Well yeah, whatever it call I just wanna share.

You know what, I miss my best friend so bad. She's very gorgeous for me and I don't know where I can find someone like her in my new place. What an irreplaceable one. 

Dear you, bestie. Until this moment I still can't believe that we aren't in the same roof of school anymore. Sooooo far. Until this moment I still can't believe that we've just end our junior high school time. Until this moment I still can't believe that I should pass my senior high school time without you........................
It's hard if you know. When I remember everything we have planned when we were in junior high. We'll be young and free. Goin' crazier than before. Being a queen bee in school. Join Gadis Sampul competition when we're 16. Then goin' on our sweet 17 and celebrate it together. Hunting for cool boys in school HAHAHAHA so many undone plans, right? :') and many more........

I'm feeling so lonely in my new place. I usually come to you and share everything exactly in the time when I feel sad or gloomy. But, I just remember we're in a different place. We're not in a same school anymore. I even haven't find any best friends, morever who has a closest similarity to you.

I miss the way you protected me from anything that would make me uncomfortable. I miss the way we laugh together. I miss the way we got into a trouble and won't talk each other for a very long time (and maybe a big war between us HAHA), then when we just ended up crying like a baby when we have a brave to talk and solved our problems. Hehehehe what a fool. I miss the way you take me everywhere, every places. I miss the way we're goin' crazy like the world would last forever. I miss the way we talked about love and our efforts to chase the boy we love. That was very crazy:"")

I remember every birthday of mine in the junior high. 
My 13th or my first birthday in the junior high school, we celebrated it with such a very simple thing but it memorized in my mind so clearly. That day, Friday. You were have no cakes or gifts. I was so disappointed before. But, we decided having lunch in canteen. I remember: mie intel goreng + nutrisari jambu. Haha. It was rainy that time. I also remember, you flush me by water in front of someone I got crush on. He was with his friend who I suggested you to like. So we've just being wet under the rain and having a bath in front of our 'someone special' (?). Crazy. And few days later, you gave me a gift.....a blue Doraemon pencil case with a name of my someone special written on it. Damn you HAHAHAHAHA :'))))

My 14th, second birthday in junior high school. You(together with other classmates) gave me a big cake. You guys made a super lovely video to me. And you, best said one sentence about me; "a faithful best friend." I was so.....:""") You gave me a basket ball as a gift. I WAS SO HAPPY! You know, I can't describe how much I love you, best know me that well :"")

My 15th, my last birthday in junior high school. We celebrated it together in Ilmondo Pizza because that day we have a photo session for yearbook. We're in a same group; Italia:'"D Ummm, that day we didn't do a lot cause we're busy in our bussiness, but you just couldn't stop saying happy birthday to me-_- Haha but I thank that :"") and one day when I were in my course class in Neutron, you came late and brought a very big parcel. You were sorry for coming late and was unable to sit by my side because you were from Galeria, brought a birthday present for me. Yup, that big parcel is for me. When I arrived at home and opened it, it's a big Doraemon doll. Thank you, my best one..... :""")

Well, I miss you. So bad. Do you miss me too? No? I know everything changed, also us. We're getting far apart. You have your own bussiness, so do I. You never contact me anymore, moreover care at me like it used to be. I know you've found a new best friend who has more in everything than me, right? :'"") Does distance separated our friendship?

I'm not that perfect as your new best friend is, I can admit that. I know I'm old, nerd, and uninteresting.But one thing I wanna ask to you, no matter how hard life is don't ever forget me. Remember me as everything you want. No problem if I am no more said as your best long as you remember me :"") Ah, one thing you have to know, the most important; I'll always love you as a best friend, no matter what. Because you're so irreplaceable.

Me with Doraemon from you:""")

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