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Jumat, 21 Mei 2010

i love them :)

i'm not a lonely girl . i got my happiness and i have it . i have many friends around me . i have many people who love me and i love . i love my friends but i can't mention you one by one . the main that you're very important for me .
for example is my class . yea , Jhirojas . i love you all . you're not only friends for me but you've been be my family . you know everything about me although you don't understand sometimes . you support me in which place i will go to . you always listen when i tell about my feeling and my heart . you help me , guys ... to make me closer to my prince haha LOL . you make me laugh when i was sad and have many problems . you make me angry sometimes , but you're my 'kawan sejati sehidup semati' :)

i have many fun times with you , my family . the jhirojas girls who often spend the time with me ... yuli , ira , rissa , intan , atin , ella , dea , thena , lintang , eci , vani , keken , and chuzpy .

yuli , you make my world going fun especially by your nice-voice-ever :p

ira , you always accompany me wherever and you're the only friend who accompany me in Jogja Tempel bus ... and a friend to goin' crazy and gokil-gokilan . haha

rissa , my atos-jayus-nggemesin friends . the machine to upload our photos haha

intan , my violin teacher , a friend who knows everything about me , and ... my partner as a ski haha :D

atin , you are the mesum-est LOL . you understand me although not always :)

ella , a nice friend and a childish one ...

dea , the alay-est and the lebay-est . wakakkaka :P

thena , the mummy from others . hehe nope nope . i mean , my beautiful friend ... who always make me shy when she was telling about my prince ; "eh nin ... tadi mas itu bla bla bla" :P

lintang , the exotic one ... haha peace yea lin :P

eci , teenlit ... teenlit , and guitar :)

vani , my smartness friend ... my violin teacher ... my enemy in competition to win justin bieber . hahaha :P

keken , the calm one ...

chuzpy , my cute friends unyunyunyu ... her voice just same with ... upin ... or ipin . ahaha

eits don't forget with my jhirojas cool boys ... who always spend the time with me too . laugh laugh laugh and ... mesum haha . aziz , adven , badri , dhimas , daniel , farhan , rama , rizky , ricky , ronan , bhismo , and khrista .

aziz , together we'll gonna be autis , rite ? haha . my friend who be class-alfalink :D

adven , great in everything , i think . cool in sports and music . he's smart in mathematics too

badri , your jokes make me fly on the sky ... hahaha my inspiration in many things ...

dhimas , make me laugh with his jokes haha

daniel , hmmm ... clever

farhan , hahaha you make me crazy with your kinclong . you are the innocent one ... and you always make me laugh with everything you say and all your jokes :D

rama , i want your behel . ahahaha rama is the best yea , ram ! *atin said* (dan juga sebagai objek kejahilan , kenakalan , dan keisenganku sama ronan . haha tosh plokk , ron!)

rizky , mesuuuum but cute , funny , kinds , atos sometimes ...

ricky , a calm boy in jhirojas . but behind his calm , he's nggentho and cool ...

ronan , we always be silly , hipper-active , autis , and naughty if we're together . hahaha i like (y)our style , mameeen :P

bhismo , a nice friend . he's a funny person , but sometimes be a-most-scared-person for me . i think he's nggentho , but sometimes he's calm .

khrista , if you want something mesum , just come to him . he could be your teacher wakakaka :P

Jhirojas's innocent faces ! hahaha :D

Goin' crazy with ira ! hahahah :*

Me and ella were waiting for ella's mom under the rain ...

Have fun with some jhirojas girls :D

these beautiful faces show the happiness :D

i love to goin' crazy just same with ira . we enjoyed our madness ! yeaaa rock out :D

yea in Jhirojas i can be myself whatever i'm like . i never shy to be my-own-self . yes , this is me . just a silly girl who love to have fun and goin' mad . just a girl who wear a helm and a goggles in the class . yea , you can think that i'm crazy , i don't care . i just love it . and my friends never complain about it and they just say that's funny . In Jhirojas ... around my friends ... I could be who i am .
I love you my friends , you're really important for me . Not only my classmates but also friends from the other class . especially for rara (mutiara riezky) , vista , bella , and steven .
but ......... you're all important for me , my friends . althogh you didn't write here , but your name have been written in my heart .

oh yea also for megan , inta , syifa , tia , etc ... thanks to see me in twitter ! i love you , too :)

haha that's all .

with love , hankenina ♥

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