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Sabtu, 12 Januari 2013


Bloggyeaaaah! Long time no see, long time no post. This is satnite and I don't really know what to do :l so I just took my laptop and online and browsing and stalking and many more. I went nowhere because my family choose to take a rest at home. I'm not going with my boyfie either because I don't have one mwahahaha. Well, setidaknya aku nggak alay kayak jomblo-jomblo yang suka mendramatisir keadaan di malam minggu. Sekesepian itukah? They have a family and best friends aren't they? :/
Well, well... I get bored so I opened Webcam Toy. I just wanna share some pictures I took with my beloved teddy. He's male and pink :3

 Teddy and I in black&white effect


 Sparkling ;33


Hug you, my Teddy({}) betewe itu foto yang kanan atas tanganku pothok buanget-_-" akhir-akhir ini emang training fisik terus sih apalagi di basket. Keyen kan....tapi nggak seharusnya sepothok itu juga:"> bisa juga cuma angle foto kan hihi:B

Sebenernya foto-fotonya masih banyak sih, but I just wanna share a little....ndak malah alay ntar kalau banyak-banyak hehe. Fyi, this teddy's from my best friend. He gave me this on my 15th birthday. Then I called this teddy bear as Teddy. He's male but he's pink. I love him so much. He always there for me in every conditions, ups and downs. He's the first thing I hug when I'm sad so I don't really feel so lonely. He's the only one who knows my tears everynight beside me and Allah. Thank you for be made, I love you Teddy :')

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