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Kamis, 10 November 2011

With Them

Bloggie, I really thankful to God that I was born as me. I'm not perfect but I'm perfectly me. Although my life is hard sometimes, but I have wonderful people around me.

With Mom, I always get super amazing love which anybody can't give it as her. She always tell which one the right is and which one the wrong is. Mom always forgive me even how bad my mistakes are and can make her heart up with how much I've been hurt it's nothing happened. Lots love for mommy :) xoxo

With Dad, I can ask anything and get everything what I want. It's like how old I am will never change his eyes on me as his little girl. Dad always try hard to make my wish come true. He would do anything. Thank you, Dad.... :')

With my little sisters, Sasti and Vani. I could feel a lot of funnies thing in home. I can't imagine how crunchy my home is without them. Sasti is sometimes a good sister....and sometimes not at all. But, I love her and I'm sure she love me too.
Vani is my little sister and she's still a baby (her age is 2 months). She could erase my depressed or stressed caused my routines activities. By kiss her, seeing her talk some words of a baby, seeing her smile, it makes me....happy. Although her night cry bother my sleep sometime, it's okay. I love her sooooo much :)

With my best friends, Bagas, Vani, and Ella. I could feel the power of a friendship. They are the only who stays even tough the others are gone. Like other ordinary friendship, we have our happiness and problems. But, when we have problems each other, it easier to solve. We can't longer keep angry each other. Although sometimes they can't be what I want, but in fact I need them. Cause they are the only true friends for me :')

With jhirojaz-my class (Aziz, Adven, Atin, Chuzpy, Thena, Bagas, Daniel, Ecik, Dimas, Farhan, (Me), Intan, Keken, Dea, Ira, Ella, Lintang, Bhismo, Rama, Ricky, Rizky, Ronan, Rissa, Vani, and Khrista). I could feel the power of a second family and I learned a lot from you all. I love you all. You guys are the best classmates ever! You made me feel a feeling that I'd never felt before. Although some of you rarely understand on me and maybe careless at me. But, I do care of you guys! And although Jhirojaz doesn't as united as the past, however I love you guys! :') xx

They are persons who make my world become colorful and exactly angels that given by God. My spirits and my motivations. My life turned complete with them. Thank you, God, I love my life. Thank you, God, you gave me wonderful people like them. Take care of them, God...the way they took care of me :')

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