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Senin, 13 Juni 2011


Hai, bloggie. Long time no see. I'm back with different name and different view, haha. But, I am still me. I just won't to tell my identity too clearly. It's no problem I think ;)
I learned a lot with my life. Wrote a new story day by day. But still the same I haven't find a best friend. And finally I just finished my exams after 5 days long.Waaa it was so screw and I'm hopeless of my score. But fortunately my score's good and I have no remidial for every subjects. Yeah, I'm sure I am a smart student (⌒.⌒)
My love story is good and alhamdulillah have no problems. My study ummm I'm trying hard to make it up aaaaa fight for national exams next year! Fight for Teladan! :)
I also practice my keyboard and try to play piano. I get bored with guitar.... you know the reason because guitar doesn't special anymore. Every people feel that s/he could play guitar, but factually s/he just could play a chord. I hate to see people who proud before they doing their best! And maybe for people, a guitarist is just usual and not 'whoa' anymore. People's opinion are stronger than me
( ⌣ ́_ ⌣ ̀)
Oh yaaaa, I'm learning Germany languange...... or what it call. I want to speak more than 3 languages! Haha wish me luck ;)
That's enough from me. I'll continoue to write my other words in next posting. Thank you for reading my 'curcol'. See ya and have a nice day ;)

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